About the Repository

The repository of KarRC RAS provides an open access to the papers of researchers of Karelian Research Centre of the RAS (KarRC RAS). EPrints software was used in order to create this repository.

Researchers of KarRC RAS can make self-archiving, they can upload papers into repository after registration. The uploaded files will be available online after moderation. All uploaded publications will be inspected and approved, after which they will be available online.

You can search and browse documents. It is possible to browse documents for each Institute separately. You can browse documents by authors, titles, texts of articles.

An official site of KarRC RAS:

An official site of the Library of KarRC RAS:

Contact Information

Address: 185036, Russia, 11 Pushkinskaya Street, Petrozavodsk

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to /andrew dot krizhanovsky at gmail/.